Wayne Hawley Giving Grant Terms and Conditions



  • The Grantee will use the funds for the purposes outlined in the grant application.


  • Only one grant per calendar year per agency will be considered. 

  • Please submit your request through our on-line application. Applications received through U.S. mail, email, or fax will not be accepted.


  • The Grantee assumes all legal, financial, and administrative responsibility for administering the award.


  • All public acknowledgements should indicate that the funds being received are from The Wayne Hawley Giving Grant offered by Hawley & Associates LLC.

  • The funds may be spent on the approved project any time after they have been received but all funds must be expended no later than December 31, 2022.


  • After the funds have been expended, a final report must be submitted which includes a listing of the expenditures and a summary of what was accomplished through use of the funds.  The final report is due to Hawley & Associates, no later than 12 months of grant funds being issued.


  • The Grantee agrees to allow Hawley & Associates to use the details of the award for marketing purposes.