Your Responsibility In The Event Of A Claim

Calling Hawley & Associats

1. Contact Hawley & Associates

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Claim Reporting

2. Reporting Requirements

Insurance companies have varying reporting requirements, but all professional liability policies require an insured to report claims in a timely manner as a condition to coverage. If you experience any type of incident or occurrence in which you believe there is potential for a claim, it is important to contact us immediately.  If not handled properly, a claim could be denied. Any attempt to resolve a dispute or handle your own claim could exclude coverage. 

3. Do Not Assume Any Obligation

Client and Insurance Account Manager talking

For physical damage claims (i.e. fire damage, automobile accident, etc.) the insurance company has the right to inspect any damage before authorizing repairs or replacement. It is important not to make any payment, assume obligation or incur any expense before contacting us. 

Police Officer with Badge

4. Call The Police

In the event of an auto accident, theft of property, vandalism, etc., calling authorities can help expedite the exchange of information and assist in formally documenting the details of incident and/or loss.

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5. 'Proof of Loss' Documentation

For liability claims and larger property losses, the insurance carrier may require a formal written statement (i.e. Proof of Loss) detailing the amount of loss, parties claiming the loss, date and cause of loss; and any other documents supporting the loss. 

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6. Summons & Demands

Immediately forward to Hawley & Associates any and all summons or demands received by you or your representatives.