Many organizations find out the hard way that their insurance policy does not cover damages resulting from poor building maintenance.

Could This Happen To You? After many days of heavy rain, you discover water damage to your ceiling and carpet. You instinctively file a property damage claim, fully expecting the damage to be covered by your insurance policy. It is later revealed that the damage was caused by debris (i.e. leaves, branches, etc.) that had been collecting in the roof drains. This resulted in the water puddling on the roof instead of running off and down the drain system.

The claim was denied due to poor maintenance of your roof and your organization is now responsible for the total cost of repairs!

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound Of Cure: You have worked hard to build your organization and your mission. That is why it’s so important to protect that mission! Having insurance coverage is just one part of that protection. It is important to do your part and maintain your property and assets. Create a maintenance check list and stick to it! Once again….an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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