October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Why does your Social Service organization need Cyber Liability protection?

In today’s data-driven world where sensitive information is stored and transferred electronically, organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to costly and damaging liabilities from data security breaches that are occurring at alarming and growing rates. Any donor information, your internal database and your financial information can very well be subject to such security breaches.

Whether data is compromised by a hacker, virus, cyber thief, or simply because of lost or stolen computers, laptops, flash drives or smart phones, a breach can have serious ramifications. There are substantial financial costs involved in finding and remedying a breach, including the cost of notifying customers, possible fines and legal expenses. Breach notification is legally mandated in almost all states. The organization can also suffer immense damage to its reputation and from the interruption to business.

Your first line of defense in ensuring protection from a cyber security breach is securing Cyber Liability coverage for your organization.  Need more information?  Please contact Hawley & Associates today!

Concept for secure data storage