Interesting Facts Regarding Foster Care Children:

Children on the bridge
  1. On September 30th, 2011, there were an estimated 400,540 children in foster care.

  2. More than a quarter (27%) were in relative homes, and nearly half (47%) were in nonrelative foster family homes.

  3. About half (52%) had a case goal of reunification with their families

  4. About half (52%) of the children left the system to be reunited with their parents or primary caretakers.

  5. Close to half of the children (46%) who left foster care in 2011 were in care for less than 1 year.

  6. The median age for children in foster care on September 30th, 2011, was 8.8 years.

  7. The median age of children entering foster care during FY 2011 was 6.6 years.

  8. Children who exit and re-enter multiple times a year are counted only once.

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