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It is a popular time for many non-profit, for-profit, social service, human service or child welfare organizations to hold their annual fundraisers/benefits, community events, or company picnics during this time of year. But, did you know, the insurance program you have in place for your organization may or may not cover you for unexpected incidents/accidents that may occur during these special events? There are some important liabilites and risks that each organization must consider and understand before an event takes place.

Knowing Your Risks:

People: It is important that all individuals involved in, around or at the event are protected and safe. This could involve volunteers, event participants, vendors, hired staff or performers. Every event should have a crowd control plan, and emergency and security services readily available.

Venue: Is the size of the venue adequate for all attendees? Is there enough parking space? Are there enough restrooms and easy access to these facilities? Does the venue have a capacity limit? These are all great questions to ask yourself when considering your risks and exposures.

Contacts: It is not uncommon for a contract to be drawn with a third party and/or vendors. It must provide clear details about dates, times, location and the nature of the event. It must also include clear terms on cancellations, payments, insurance and additional services.

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