Commercial Insurance Forecast – Cloudy with A Chance of Premium Increase

When it rains it pours…

If things aren’t bad enough, the insurance marketplace is following suit. We are seeing premium increases, many sizable, for more lines of insurance than we’ve experienced in recent memory. Along with the increases, we are also experiencing more restrictive coverage, minimum premium increases, lower limits and some carriers are even exiting certain markets altogether. But, there is reason for optimism!

Now more than ever it’s important to have a ‘beacon in the storm’ advocating for you at your next renewal.

Hawley & Associates specializes in providing innovative insurance solutions exclusively for nonprofit, social service and human service organizations. It’s all we do and we can help you navigate through your next renewal.

Our unique specialization gives us an advantage in accessing hard-to-find specialty markets and aggressively negotiating for the lower premiums and coverage you need to fulfill your important mission.

We can DO when others can’t!

Cost Saving Quotes

We intimately understand the nuances of insurance in this vital sector, as well as the balance between your bottom line and the coverage you needed to protect the life-changing work that you do.

Come on in out of the rain, and contact us today!

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