Hawley & Associates Insurance Company History

Our History

Hawley & Associates has a long history of helping families, children and communities, dating back to the 1940's, when Fred 'Cap' Stabbert, Phillip Hawley’s grandfather, established a medical missionary nonprofit.


He owned and operated the MV Willis Shank, a 125-foot World War II-surplus wooden Navy minesweeper that was converted to a missionary hospital ship (the sister ship to Jacque Cousteau's Calypso).  He served the medical needs of isolated communities in Central America, particularly Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Alaska, while at the same time raising his family aboard the vessel.

Captain Stabbert’s commitment and heartfelt devotion to children set the standard for future generations.  We are proud to continue the tradition as a caring insurance partner who understands the relationship between your mission and the risks you must undertake to fulfill that mission.


It is a unique background and personalized approach that you will find at few, if any, insurance agencies across the nation.  We strongly believe in the industry we serve and we share in your commitment in making the world a better place.