Cyber Liability

A great majority of non-profits and social service organizations are unaware that their standard General Liability insurance coverage generally does not provide appropriate coverage for a cyber liability claim. A good cyber liability policy can pick up where your General Liability policy leaves off.


Cyber Liability Insurance can also provide coverage for damages to third parties caused by a network security breach, notification expenses, regulatory fines or penalties and even cash in hand to keep your organization running until things are "business as usual".

Social Engineering Fraud

A social engineering fraud (SEF) loss is accomplished by tricking the employee of a company into transferring funds to a fraudster.  A SEF occurs when employees, acting in good faith, comply with instructions sent via email to make a wire transfer or another type of transfer, to a fraudulent third party replicating a legitimate correspondence. This has become increasingly common over the last several years and is an ever-growing exposure for businesses.

It is important to review your individual polices to understand and determine what's included or excluded. There are many other coverage's provided by a cyber policy. Contact Hawley & Associates for more information.