Specialized Insurance Solutions

Empowering Your Mission of Serving Others

Hawley & Associates is solely in existence to provide specialized insurance solutions for social service and nonprofit organizations across the country and the world.

Our mission is to empower your mission by providing the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance program and tailored risk management solutions that perfectly align with your unique operations and exposures. Less time and money spent on insurance means more of both to dedicate to the children, families and communities in which you serve.​

We strongly believe in the industry we serve, and to us it's much more than insurance - it’s about relationships. We are an extension of your organization and an unwavering champion in supporting the great work that you do. 

Setting A Higher Standard in Service
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Policy Analysis

Offering in-depth policy analysis; insuring policy effectiveness and competitiveness and identifying gaps in coverage.

Risk Management Hazard Dangerous Prevent

Risk Management

We are your risk management partner, offering innovative loss prevention tools and services, helping to minimize or eliminate future losses. 

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We have a strong reputation for quality in our claims management. Our proactive and personal approach is highly valued by our clients.

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You are our first priority. Whether it's for claim advocacy or negotiating for lower premiums, we are here to empower and partner in your mission.


Your Mission

Is Our Mission 

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Hawley & Associates has been instrumental in introducing numerous insurance programs to the market over the years, but our exclusive WorldPro Insurance Program is truly our finest accomplishment.  Since its inception, WorldPro now insures some of the largest non-profit organizations in the country with domestic and/or international exposures. 

However, we will not stop there.  We will continue to work hard to find other necessary cost-effective insurance programs designed to keep premiums low for our clients and help serve the under-served. 


No matter where your mission takes you, Hawley & Associates will be there.

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