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CHRISTIAN ADOPTION SERVICES is a non-profit agency based out of North Carolina, and has been serving pregnant women, birth mothers & families since 1989. They offer services in both North and South Carolina and have assisted in the placement of over 2,000 children into loving, Christian families.

CAS is committed in raising awareness for the more than 163 million orphans worldwide. We are thankful for how this agency is positively impacting the lives of children, expectant women, and families all over the world.

They are newly licensed in South Carolina, and want to ensure that any women faced with an unplanned pregnancy knows of the programs and services available to them. CAS believes that every community benefits when both birth mothers and vulnerable children are cared for through the process of adoption.


The Wayne Hawley Giving Grant funds will be used for the placement of a billboard in a high-traffic area in South Carolina, designed to reach women faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  In 2018, CAS had over 200 women contact their agency.  With the placement of a billboard, they hope to see a significant increase in the number of women who reach out to their agency for assistance.