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RESTART LIFE, LLC. supports individuals who may be addicted or overusing video games, social media, virtual reality, and the internet by helping them reconnect to a healthier, more sustainable digital media lifestyle.

The Wayne Hawley Grant monies went towards instituting several new programs to better the lives of these individuals. This included health and fitness equipment for a new fitness center, art supplies and equipment for their Art Center, books, supplies and resources for their Education Program, as well as contributing to a new outdoor sports court.   Click Here To See Photo Gallery.


Message from Cosette Rae - CEO of ReStart Life, LLC.:​

We are tremendously humbled to be selected for the Wayne Hawley Giving Grant this year in our mutual quest to help America's youth detach, get physically fit and reconnect with life in healthier ways.  

As you can see, our new Serenity Mountain fitness center now has a collection of rowers, pull-up bars, weights and other equipment, all thanks to the generosity and kindness of Hawley & Associates and The Wayne Hawley Giving Grant.  Truly, Wayne Hawley's legacy will live on in the lives of all those touched by such sacrifice and generosity.

We are genuinely grateful to all the staff at Hawley & Associates, not only for this humbling gift, but for who they are as people.  We feel honored to know you.

On behalf of ReStart, I extend my sincerest thanks to all those who share in our mission to change the lives of youth touched by problematic digital media use.  Together we can make a different world.